Can I Pick Up a Package from FedEx Before Delivery? Everything You Need to Know

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Can I Pick Up a Package from FedEx Before Delivery? Everything You Need to Know:Are you anxiously waiting for a package from FedEx and wondering if there’s any way to pick it up before the scheduled delivery? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will dive deep into the world of FedEx package pickup options and explore whether it’s possible to get your hands on that precious package before it reaches your doorstep. From missed delivery attempts to early pickups at the post office, we’ll cover all the angles to help you navigate the world of FedEx deliveries like a pro. So, sit back, relax, and let’s unravel the secrets of FedEx package pickup before delivery!

Understanding FedEx Package Pickup Options

FedEx, as a global courier delivery services company, understands that customers have varying needs when it comes to package delivery. One frequently asked question is: Can I pick up a package from FedEx before delivery? The answer is yes, and FedEx provides several options to accommodate this request.

FedEx Hold at Location Service

FedEx offers a convenient service called Hold at FedEx Location, which is available for express packages and palletized freight. This service allows recipients to have their packages held at a nearby FedEx office or authorized retail partner, adding flexibility for those who may not be available during the scheduled delivery time.

FedEx 2Day A.M. and International Hold Options

For certain time-sensitive and international shipments, FedEx 2Day A.M. Hold at FedEx Location options are available. This means that even for packages that are coming from abroad, or those that need to arrive early in the day, there is an option to hold them at a FedEx location until you are ready to pick them up.

How to Request a Hold for Pickup

To utilize the FedEx Hold for Pickup service, customers can redirect their package to be held for pickup. This can easily be done by logging in to your FedEx account, navigating to the tracking page, and selecting “Manage Delivery” followed by “Hold at Location”. This feature is particularly useful if you want to ensure the security of your package or if you prefer to collect it at a time that suits you better.

Direct Pickup from a FedEx Facility

Another option is to pick up the package directly from a FedEx destination sort facility. To arrange this, contact FedEx customer service and request for the package to be held for pickup. You’ll need to provide your tracking number and show your identification when you arrive to collect your package.

What Happens After a Missed Delivery Attempt?

Same-Day Pickup After a Missed Attempt

If you happen to miss a delivery attempt, FedEx is proactive in offering a solution. The package will be held for pickup as early as the same day, which means you won’t have to wait long to receive your important shipment.

Time Frame for Picking Up Held Packages

It’s important to note that packages not picked up within 7 days will be returned to the nearest FedEx facility or back to the shipper. This policy underscores the need to collect your package in a timely manner to avoid any inconvenience.

Using Your Door Tag to Find Pickup Information

In the event that you miss a delivery, FedEx will leave a door tag that contains all the necessary information about the pickup location and availability. This ensures that you have all the details needed to collect your package at your convenience.

Redirecting Your Package via Tracking Page

For those who need to redirect their package to be held for pickup, the process is straightforward. Using the FedEx tracking page, simply select “Hold at Location” to choose a secure FedEx location or a participating retail partner where you would like to collect your package.

Early Pickup at the Post Office

For packages within the USPS system, early pickup is also an option. As long as you have a tracking number and the package is not already out for delivery, you can request to have it held at your local post office. This is a similar service to what FedEx offers and adds an additional layer of convenience for package recipients.

Options for Changing Delivery of FedEx Package

Changing Delivery Address as the Shipper

If you are the shipper and need to change the delivery address for a package, you can do so for most shipments by logging into your FedEx shipping account. This flexibility allows for adjustments to be made even after the package has been dispatched.

Receiving Packages at a FedEx Location

Alternatively, as the recipient, you can request to have your package held at a FedEx location for pickup. When doing so, remember to bring a valid form of identification when you go to collect your shipment.

Maximizing the Benefits of FedEx Pickup Services

Planning for Pickup

When considering picking up a package from FedEx, planning is crucial. Check the operating hours of the chosen FedEx location or retail partner to ensure you arrive during the appropriate times. This minimizes wait times and ensures a smooth collection process.

Security and Convenience

Opting for package pickup at a FedEx location can offer enhanced security, as packages are held in a controlled environment. It also provides convenience for those with busy schedules who may not be home to accept a delivery.

Communicating with FedEx

Communication with FedEx customer service is key if you have special instructions or need assistance with the pickup process. Their representatives are equipped to guide you through any necessary steps and provide support as needed.

Utilizing FedEx Account Features

Make the most of your FedEx account by familiarizing yourself with its features, including shipment tracking and delivery management. This empowers you to take control of how and when you receive your packages.


FedEx offers a variety of options for customers who prefer to pick up their packages rather than wait for home delivery. Whether you’re dealing with express shipments, palletized freight, or international packages, FedEx provides solutions tailored to your needs. By understanding these services and knowing how to navigate the FedEx system, you can ensure that you receive your packages securely and at your convenience.

FAQ & Common Questions about picking up a package from FedEx before delivery

Q: Can I pick up a package before delivery?

A: Yes, you can pick up a package early by holding it at the post office. As long as your package has a tracking number, is being handled by USPS right before delivery, and isn’t already out for delivery, it’s possible to update the delivery instructions and have it held at your local post office.

Q: Can I change the delivery of a FedEx package?

A: If you’re the shipper, you can change the delivery address for most shipments online by logging in to your FedEx shipping account. Alternatively, you can request to hold the shipment at a FedEx location for pickup instead of delivery. The receiver will just have to take a valid form of identification with them.

Q: What should I do if I missed a package delivery?

A: You may pick up your package from the local Post Office; see above for your contact options. If you can’t pick up your item yourself from your local Post Office, you can indicate another authorized person for pickup. Make sure that person will be able to provide identification.

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