Can You Give Stuff Back to Aaron’s? Understanding Their Return Policy and Legal Implications

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Can You Give Stuff Back to Aaron’s? Understanding Their Return Policy and Legal Implications:Are you wondering if you can give stuff back to Aaron’s? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will dive into Aaron’s return policy and explore the various options available to you. Whether you’re facing payment difficulties, need to cancel your lease, or simply want to understand the legal implications of returning items, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll also touch on Rent-A-Center’s flexibility and whether renting from Aaron’s can actually build your credit. So, let’s get started and unravel the mysteries of giving stuff back to Aaron’s!

Understanding Aaron’s Return Policy

When you lease an item from Aaron’s, you’re entering into a rent-to-own agreement that is designed with flexibility in mind. Aaron’s acknowledges that circumstances can change, which is why they allow customers to return items. However, it’s important to note that returning an item does not equate to a refund. Customers should schedule a time for return or pick-up at their local store to avoid any misunderstandings.

Scheduling a Return or Pick-Up

To return your leased item to Aaron’s, contact your local store to arrange a time for the item to be returned or picked up. This ensures that the process is handled smoothly and according to Aaron’s policies.

Lifetime Reinstatement Benefits

Aaron’s Lifetime Reinstatement is a standout feature in their lease agreement. It allows you to return your products before completing all payments and later pick back up where you left off. This is particularly beneficial if your financial situation changes and you need to pause your lease. You’ll be able to lease the same or similar condition merchandise, which provides peace of mind and flexibility.

Restarting Your Lease

If you’ve returned an item and your situation improves, Aaron’s Lifetime Reinstatement allows you to restart your lease without starting over completely. This means you can continue to enjoy the product with the same payment terms as before.

Canceling Your Aaron’s Lease

Should the need arise to cancel your Aaron’s rent-to-own agreement or lease, you have the option to do so at any time. Reach out to the local store associated with your account to discuss cancellation. They will guide you through the process and provide any necessary information.

How to Contact Your Local Store

Contacting your local Aaron’s store can be done by phone or in person. Ensure you have your account details on hand for a swift and efficient service.

Payment Difficulties and Deferrals

If you’re facing financial hardship and struggling to make a lease payment at Aaron’s, it’s crucial to communicate with the store. Aaron’s stores may offer to work with you to defer the payment, although there’s a limit on the amount that can be deferred. Proactive communication can lead to a mutually agreeable solution and prevent further issues.

Navigating Payment Challenges

When you encounter payment challenges, reaching out to Aaron’s as soon as possible can help you to navigate the situation better. The staff can help you understand your options and assist in making the necessary arrangements.

Returning Items to Aaron’s and Legal Implications

It’s essential to distinguish between legitimately returning items to Aaron’s and committing return fraud. While Aaron’s allows for returns in line with their policy, return fraud is a serious offense. Consumers caught engaging in return fraud with Aaron’s or any other retailer may face heavy fines and penalties. In severe cases, individuals might face jail time. This serves as a stern reminder to follow the proper procedures when returning an item.

Legal Consequences of Return Fraud

Return fraud is considered a form of larceny, and the legal system does not take it lightly. Should you find yourself accused of such, you may need legal counsel to navigate the consequences, which could include fines and incarceration.

Flexibility at Rent-A-Center

Similar to Aaron’s, Rent-A-Center offers flexible options for those leasing items. They don’t require a good credit score, considering various factors upon reviewing your application. They often approve customers with less than perfect credit history, showing their commitment to providing accessible leasing options.

Price Matching and Payment Options

Rent-A-Center states that they’ll match any rent-to-own competitor’s price, indicating a competitive approach to the market. They also feature AutoPay and the ability to pause payments if life throws you a curveball. This “Pause Payments” option allows you to return your item at any time without penalty, pausing your payments until you’re ready to resume.

Does Renting from Aaron’s Build Credit?

Many people wonder if participating in a rent-to-own agreement like those offered by Aaron’s can help build credit. The answer is currently no; Aaron’s does not report to credit bureaus. Therefore, even a successful lease agreement won’t directly impact your credit score.

Understanding Credit Reporting

Credit reporting is a system used by creditors to inform bureaus about your payment history. Since Aaron’s does not participate in this system, your lease payments won’t be reflected in your credit report.

Missed Payments at Aaron’s

What if you miss a payment at Aaron’s? It’s crucial to understand that missed payments do not lead to arrest. Aaron’s is a rent-to-own company, and there are no laws that would warrant arrest for a missed payment. Instead, they will likely attempt to contact you to work out payment arrangements and understand your situation. Repossession is a last resort and generally follows multiple missed payments without communication or agreement on a new payment plan.

Handling a Missed Payment

If you miss a payment, the best course of action is to contact Aaron’s immediately. Explain your situation and work with them to find a feasible solution. It’s in both parties’ interests to maintain the agreement, so Aaron’s is often willing to discuss arrangements that can help you catch up on payments.


Returning items to Aaron’s and managing your lease agreement requires an understanding of their policies and the flexibility they offer. With options like Lifetime Reinstatement and the ability to cancel or defer payments, Aaron’s shows a willingness to accommodate customers’ changing circumstances. Rent-A-Center also offers similar flexibilities, ensuring that customers have options when leasing items. While such agreements don’t build credit, they provide access to goods for those who might not qualify for traditional financing. Always remember to communicate openly with your rent-to-own company to manage your lease effectively and avoid potential legal issues associated with return fraud.

FAQ & Common Questions about Returning Items to Aarons

Q: Can I give stuff back to Rent-A-Center?

A: Yes, you can return your item at any time to Rent-A-Center and they will pause your payments at no penalty.

Q: Does renting from Aarons build credit?

A: No, renting from Aarons does not currently build credit as they do not report to credit bureaus.

Q: What happens if I miss a payment at Aarons?

A: If you miss a payment at Aarons, they will likely attempt contact and try to work out payment arrangements with you. They can attempt to repossess the item you are renting, but there are no laws that allow them to arrest you for missing a payment.

Q: Can you get in trouble for returning items?

A: Technically, yes. Returning items without proper cause can be considered a form of larceny, and consumers who are caught committing return fraud may be subject to heavy fines, penalties, and even jail time, depending on the severity of the crime.

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