Is Goodwill CEO Steven C. Preston’s Net Worth Worth the Hype? Unveiling the Truth Behind Nonprofit Executive Compensation

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Is Goodwill CEO Steven C. Preston’s Net Worth Worth the Hype? Unveiling the Truth Behind Nonprofit Executive Compensation:Curious about the net worth of Goodwill CEO, Steven C. Preston? Wondering how nonprofit executives are compensated? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intriguing world of executive salaries in the nonprofit sector, with a specific focus on Goodwill. From understanding the compensation of CEO Steven C. Preston to examining public perception and scrutiny of nonprofit salaries, we’ll uncover the fascinating dynamics at play. We’ll even explore a real-life case involving a former Goodwill Sacramento CEO. So, let’s dive in and unravel the mysteries surrounding nonprofit executive compensation. But before we do, let’s take a moment to appreciate the importance of Goodwill and the incredible work they do. After all, it’s not just about the money – it’s about the impact!

Understanding the Compensation of Goodwill CEO Steven C. Preston

Goodwill Industries International has long been associated with community service and providing opportunities for those facing employment challenges. At the helm of this philanthropic giant is Steven C. Preston, the CEO whose financial compensation has been a topic of discussion and sometimes controversy.

The Net Worth of Goodwill CEO Steven C. Preston

Steven Preston, the CEO of Goodwill Industries International, has an estimated net worth of $10 million. This figure is reflective not just of his earnings from Goodwill but is also indicative of his career in both the public and private sectors before joining the nonprofit organization.

Breaking Down CEO Compensation

It’s important to understand the breakdown of compensation for a CEO like Steven Preston. In his role, Preston received a total compensation of $1,188,733, which is composed of a base salary of $350,200, bonuses totaling $87,550, retirement benefits of $71,050, and other reportable compensation amounting to $637,864. These figures are in line with what one might expect for the leader of a major nonprofit that operates on a scale comparable to Goodwill.

The Misconception About Goodwill’s Ownership and Profits

Contrary to popular belief, Goodwill does not have a single owner, and it’s categorically false that the CEO and owner make millions each year. As a nonprofit, Goodwill Industries International’s financial surplus is reinvested into its mission-driven programs rather than distributed to owners or shareholders.

Comparing Charity CEO Salaries

While Preston’s compensation package may raise eyebrows, it’s quite modest compared to the highest paid charity CEO in the U.S. in 2022 from Sentara Health, who earned an estimated salary of $33.22 million. This puts the earnings of Goodwill’s CEO in perspective, highlighting the varying scales of compensation among nonprofit executives.

The Organizational Structure of Goodwill

Goodwill Industries International is a unique entity in that it is not a single centralized organization but rather a network of independent nonprofits. Each regional Goodwill operates autonomously, with its own CEO, responsible for overseeing its specific operations.

Salaries of Goodwill CEOs Across the Network

In this decentralized structure, several Goodwill CEOs earn an average salary of around $500,000 per year. This figure is commonly debated, as many consider it a high salary for the CEO of a nonprofit. However, these salaries are set by individual Goodwill organizations and reflect the size, revenue, and complexity of their operations.

Public Perception and Scrutiny of Nonprofit Salaries

The salaries of nonprofit CEOs often come under scrutiny, with the public questioning whether these figures are justified. In the case of Goodwill, the debate centers around the organization’s mission to help those in need and whether the CEO’s compensation aligns with this ethos.

Goodwill’s Commitment to Transparency

In response to such scrutiny, Goodwill has maintained a commitment to transparency, regularly disclosing the compensation of its executives in accordance with IRS regulations. This transparency is crucial in maintaining the trust of donors, beneficiaries, and the general public.

The Case of the Former Goodwill Sacramento CEO

Highlighting the importance of integrity in nonprofit leadership, a former Goodwill Sacramento CEO was arrested for allegedly stealing more than $1 million from the nonprofit organization. This serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilant oversight and ethical governance within any organization.

The Legal Proceedings and Implications

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California announced that a federal grand jury returned an indictment against Richard Alan Abrusci, aged 45, on these charges. This case has reverberated through the nonprofit sector, emphasizing the consequences of malfeasance.

Final Thoughts on Nonprofit Executive Compensation

The discussion around the net worth and compensation of Goodwill’s CEO, Steven C. Preston, is an invaluable one, as it sheds light on the broader conversation about leadership and remuneration in the nonprofit world. While some may view the salaries as high, it’s essential to consider the responsibilities and challenges that come with steering such expansive organizations.

Ensuring Alignment with Mission and Values

Ultimately, the compensation of nonprofit executives should align with the mission and values of the organization. It is the responsibility of the board of directors and executive leadership to balance fair compensation with the stewardship of the organization’s resources in service of its charitable mission.

Taking Action: How to Evaluate Nonprofit Executives

As stakeholders in the nonprofit sector, it’s important to understand how to evaluate the performance and compensation of executives like those at Goodwill. This includes examining the organization’s financial health, impact, and transparency, as well as the executive’s contributions to advancing the mission.

Resources for Further Exploration

For those interested in delving deeper into the topic of nonprofit executive compensation, resources such as IRS Form 990 filings, charity watchdog groups, and nonprofit governance literature provide valuable information and benchmarks.


The net worth and salary of Goodwill CEO Steven C. Preston are a microcosm of a much larger dialogue about nonprofit leadership. As society continues to grapple with the role of charitable organizations in addressing social issues, the scrutiny of executive compensation remains an essential part of ensuring these institutions serve the greater good effectively and ethically.

FAQ & Common Questions about Goodwill CEO Net Worth

Q: Does the Goodwill CEO make millions?

A: Each Goodwill is its own non-profit with its own CEO, and while several Goodwill CEOs make an average salary of around $500,000 per year, it is not accurate to say that they make millions.

Q: Who is the former CEO of Goodwill?

A: The former CEO of Goodwill Sacramento, who was arrested for stealing more than $1 million from the nonprofit organization, is Richard Alan Abrusci.

Q: Is the CEO of Goodwill blind?

A: No, the CEO of Goodwill is not blind. However, there is a CEO named Gibbons who is blind and graduated with a Harvard MBA.

Q: Who owns Goodwill Enterprises?

A: Goodwill Enterprises, formerly known as Goodwill Hardware Stores, was started by Mohammedi Lokhandwala in 1976. It is currently co-managed by Mohammedi and his two sons, Murtuza and Juzer.

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