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Is Ross Dress for Less and Marshalls Owned by the Same Company? Unveiling the Off-Price Retail Connection:Are you a savvy shopper on the hunt for the best deals? If so, you’ve probably come across two popular off-price retailers: Ross and Marshalls. But have you ever wondered if these two giants are owned by the same company? Well, get ready to uncover the truth as we dive into the fascinating world of off-price retail. In this blog post, we’ll explore the business models of Ross and Marshalls, the companies behind them, and their relationship with each other. So, let’s unravel the mystery and find out if Ross and Marshalls are truly cut from the same cloth!

Understanding Off-Price Retailers: Ross and Marshalls’ Business Model

The retail world is vast, with various stores catering to different needs and budgets. Among these, off-price retailers like Ross Dress for Less and Marshalls have carved out a niche for themselves. Both stores operate by selling overstock items and exclusive merchandise at discounted prices. This model allows shoppers to find brand-name apparel and home goods at prices significantly lower than traditional department stores.

Ross Stores, Inc.: The Company Behind Ross Dress for Less

Ross Stores, Inc., the parent company of Ross Dress for Less, is a publicly traded company that became a part of the NASDAQ stock exchange in 1985. In essence, Ross for Less is owned by its shareholders, with BlackRock, Inc. being the largest institutional shareholder, holding about 8.5% of the company’s outstanding shares. This means that while Ross Dress for Less operates under its own brand name, it is accountable to its shareholders.

TJX Companies: The Force Behind Marshalls and Its Sister Brands

Marshalls, on the other hand, is part of a larger conglomerate known as TJX Companies. This corporation also owns other well-known chains including HomeGoods, HomeSense, Sierra, and Winners. The presence of these sister companies allows TJX to leverage a broad range of merchandise across its brands. While Marshalls offers similar discounted products as Ross, it is a distinct entity under the TJX umbrella.

The Relationship Between Ross and Marshalls

It’s a common misconception that Ross and Marshalls are owned by the same company due to their similar business models. However, as established, Ross is under Ross Stores, Inc., while Marshalls is owned by TJX Companies. Despite this, they are part of the same “family” in the sense that they are off-price retailers competing in the same space.

Gift Card Interchangeability: Brand-Specific Policies

One clear indicator of the separate operations between these two retailers is their gift card policy. Marshalls gift cards are not accepted at Ross stores and vice versa. This is because each company operates its own separate financial systems and loyalty programs. If you’re holding a TJ Maxx gift card, you can use it at any TJ Maxx, Homegoods, or Marshalls, but not at Ross, which operates independently.

Ross Stores, Inc.: The Chain Under the Brand Ross Dress for Less

Ross Dress for Less is not just a standalone store; it’s part of a larger chain owned and operated by Ross Stores, Inc. This chain is known for its wide-reaching presence across the United States, bringing discount shopping to numerous communities.

TJX and Its Family of Off-Price Retail Brands

TJX Companies not only operates Marshalls but also a suite of other off-price retail brands. These include T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, Sierra, and Homesense in the US, as well as Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls in Canada. The company also has an online presence with sites like,, and

Price Comparison: Ross vs. T.J. Maxx

When it comes to pricing, Ross is often perceived as being cheaper than T.J. Maxx, another TJX Companies brand. Ross has established its reputation on being the go-to spot for bargain hunters seeking the lowest possible prices on quality merchandise. While both stores offer discounts, Ross is known for its “no-frills” shopping experience that helps keep costs down and savings high for its customers.

Maximizing Savings at Ross

  • Shop Off-Peak Hours: Visiting the store during non-peak hours can lead to finding better deals as the store is less crowded and more inventory is available.
  • Know the Markdown Schedule: Understanding when Ross marks down items can help you score the best deals. Typically, clearance items are marked down further at the end of a season.
  • Join the Email List: By joining Ross’s email list, you can stay informed about upcoming deals and potential coupons or special shopping days.
  • Inspect Items Carefully: Since Ross sells overstock and closeout merchandise, it’s important to inspect items for any defects or damage before purchasing.

Conclusion: Distinct Entities Serving Similar Markets

Ross Dress for Less and Marshalls may cater to the same off-price retail market, but they are distinct entities operated by different parent companies. Ross Stores, Inc. and TJX Companies have both successfully captured the hearts of bargain shoppers through their respective chains. By understanding these differences and the unique aspects of each store, shoppers can make informed decisions and maximize their savings while enjoying the thrill of the hunt for discounted designer items.

FAQ & Common Questions about Ross, Marshalls, and their Ownership

Q: Is Ross owned by the same company as Marshalls?
A: No, Ross and Marshalls are not owned by the same company. Ross Stores, Inc. is the parent company of Ross Dress for Less, while Marshalls is owned by The TJX Companies, Inc.

Q: Who is the sister company of Marshalls?
A: The sister company of Marshalls is T.J. Maxx. Together, they are operated under the name Marmaxx, along with other brands like HomeGoods, Sierra, and Homesense.

Q: Is Ross cheaper than T.J. Maxx?
A: Yes, Ross is known for offering lower prices compared to T.J. Maxx. Ross maintains a large number of stores across the U.S. and is a popular choice for bargain shopping.

Q: Can I use a TJ Maxx gift card at Ross?
A: No, you cannot use a TJ Maxx gift card at Ross. TJ Maxx gift cards can only be used at TJMaxx, Homegoods, or Marshalls. They are not accepted at other retailers like Ross.

Q: Where does Marshalls get its merchandise?
A: Marshalls sources its merchandise from various vendors, including big brands, boutique designers, coveted designers, and up-and-coming labels. They also design or have merchandise manufactured specifically for their stores to offer customers the best quality fashion at an amazing price.

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