Is the Dollar Tree Secretly Owned by Walmart? Unveiling the Truth Behind the Dollar Store Landscape

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Is the Dollar Tree Secretly Owned by Walmart? Unveiling the Truth Behind the Dollar Store Landscape:Is The Dollar Tree Owned By Walmart? This question has been circulating for some time now, causing confusion among bargain hunters and retail enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of dollar stores, exploring the landscape, the expansion of Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, and the leadership behind it all. We will also address the common misconception about Dollar General’s ownership and compare it to Dollar Tree Inc. So, if you’re ready to uncover the truth and gain a deeper understanding of the dollar store industry, then keep reading. It’s time to separate fact from fiction and reveal the verdict on ownership once and for all.

Understanding the Dollar Store Landscape

The dollar store industry is a fascinating sector in the retail world, with numerous chains offering a variety of goods at discounted prices. Among these, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar are prominent names that have established themselves as household staples. Often, there’s a confusion about the ownership of these chains, especially when it comes to their relationship with retail giant Walmart. Let’s delve into the details to clarify these relationships and provide a clearer picture of the dollar store market.

Dollar Tree, Inc.: An Independent Entity

Contrary to some beliefs, Dollar Tree, Inc. is an independent company and does not fall under the Walmart umbrella. It is a standalone entity that has carved its niche in the discount retail space. Dollar Tree, Inc. is the proud owner of its namesake stores, Dollar Tree, as well as Dollar Bills, and the well-known Family Dollar.

The Acquisition of Family Dollar

On July 6, 2015, Dollar Tree took a significant step in expanding its reach by acquiring Family Dollar. This merger brought together two major players in the industry, creating a combined organization with sales exceeding $19 billion annually. With Family Dollar headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and operating 8,000 stores across the United States, the acquisition was a major milestone for Dollar Tree, Inc.

The Expansion of Dollar Tree and Family Dollar

Today, Dollar Tree boasts more than 13,600 stores across 48 states and five Canadian provinces, making it a formidable presence in the discount retail market. Family Dollar’s contribution to this presence is significant, with its 8,000 stores seamlessly integrating into the Dollar Tree Inc. family.

Leadership at the Helm

Rick Dreiling, as the CEO of Dollar Tree, has been steering the company into new waters since taking on the role of executive chairman. Under his leadership, Dollar Tree continues to thrive and maintain its independent operations amidst a competitive retail landscape.

The Misconception About Dollar General’s Ownership

A common myth that has circulated is the notion that Dollar General is owned by China. However, this is not the case. Dollar General is not owned by China; it is an American chain with a vast footprint of 19,414 stores in the continental United States and Mexico. The confusion may arise from the global nature of retail sourcing, but it is important to note that the ownership is indeed American.

Comparing Dollar General and Dollar Tree Inc.

When examining the broader picture, Dollar General and Dollar Tree Inc. together own a combined total of 35,487 locations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Although they share the ‘dollar’ moniker, they are separate entities with different business models and strategies.

Differences Between Dollar General and Dollar Tree Inc.

While both Dollar General and Dollar Tree serve the same market segment, they operate their businesses distinctively. Dollar General offers a more generalized selection of goods at various price points, whereas Dollar Tree is known for its uniform pricing structure where most items are available for one dollar. Their individual approaches cater to different customer needs and preferences, contributing to their unique identities within the market.

Challenges in the Dollar Store Industry

The dollar store segment is not without its challenges. Reports have indicated that working conditions in some Dollar General stores can be less than ideal. Allegations of dirty, miserable, and sometimes dangerous environments have surfaced, highlighting the need for improvement in retail employees’ working conditions. While these issues do not reflect the entire industry, they do shed light on areas where dollar stores need to focus on providing better conditions for their staff.

The Verdict on Ownership

To address the initial query directly, Walmart does not own Dollar Tree or any of its affiliated stores. Dollar Tree Inc. remains the sole parent company of both Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. This independence allows it to operate on its terms without influence from the retail giant. The dollar store industry, with its various players and dynamics, continues to be a significant part of the American retail landscape, independent of Walmart’s ownership and influence.


In conclusion, the dollar store market is complex, with various independent players like Dollar Tree, Inc. and Dollar General shaping the industry’s direction. Despite misconceptions, these companies are not owned by Walmart or any foreign entity but stand on their own, providing value to millions of customers across North America. As the industry evolves, it will be interesting to see how these companies continue to grow and adapt to the ever-changing retail environment.

FAQ & Common Questions about Dollar Tree and Dollar General

Q: Is Dollar Tree owned by Walmart?
A: No, Dollar Tree is not owned by Walmart. They are separate companies.

Q: Is Dollar General owned by China or the Chinese?
A: No, Dollar General is not owned by China or the Chinese. It is an American company.

Q: Are Family Dollar and Dollar Tree owned by the same company?
A: Yes, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are owned by the same company. Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar in 2015.

Q: What is the controversy surrounding Dollar General?
A: Dollar General has faced accusations from OSHA of exposing employees to unnecessary risks, such as falling products, unsafe equipment, poor pest control, and fire hazards.

Q: Why is Dollar General considered one of the worst retail jobs in America?
A: According to former employees and government inspection records, Dollar General stores are often described as dirty, miserable, and dangerous places to work.

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