Is the Owner of Hobby Lobby Really Giving Away the Store? Unveiling the Philanthropic Leap of Faith and Controversial Past

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Is the Owner of Hobby Lobby Really Giving Away the Store? Unveiling the Philanthropic Leap of Faith and Controversial Past:Is The Owner Of Hobby Lobby Giving The Store Away?

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a Hobby Lobby store, you know it’s a treasure trove of crafts, home decor, and all things DIY. But behind the scenes, there’s a fascinating story unfolding – one that involves philanthropy, controversy, and a family’s legacy. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Hobby Lobby and explore whether the owner is really giving the store away. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of this retail empire, as we uncover the truth behind the headlines. So grab your glue gun and let’s dive in!

Hobby Lobby’s Philanthropic Leap of Faith

David Green’s announcement regarding the future of Hobby Lobby has sent ripples throughout the business and religious communities alike. The founder of the famed craft store chain has decided to part ways with ownership, entrusting it to a higher purpose. This decision isn’t just a footnote in corporate history; it’s a reflection of a lifetime of faith and commitment to Christian values.

Understanding the Green Family’s Legacy

The Green family, helmed by David Green, has long been associated with American conservative values and Christian beliefs. With 1,001 stores across 48 states, Hobby Lobby isn’t just a business; it’s an embodiment of the Green family’s faith. This is evident in everything from the products they sell to the way they conduct their business, including being closed on Sundays to allow employees time for worship and rest.

The Birth of a Christian Empire

The chain’s foundation was laid with the intent to express the Green family’s Christian beliefs. The family’s dedication to their faith has been the cornerstone of their business model and corporate culture. From playing Christian music in their stores to challenging federal laws on religious grounds, Hobby Lobby’s operations have been deeply intertwined with the Green family’s religious convictions.

Mart Green: Carrying the Baton

Mart Green, David Green’s son and heir, has taken the family’s mission beyond the craft store aisles. As the founder and CEO of Mardel Christian & Education and Every Tribe Every Nation, Mart has continued to expand the family’s influence in the realm of Christian education and global outreach. His leadership in these organizations demonstrates the family’s unwavering commitment to spreading their faith and values.

Hobby Lobby’s Support for Evangelical Organizations

David Green’s philanthropy extends beyond the walls of his businesses. He is a major financial supporter of Evangelical organizations throughout the United States, including funding for the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. The museum, which showcases the history and impact of the Bible, is a testament to Green’s dedication to promoting Christian heritage and education.

Investing in Christian Influence

The Hobby Lobby family’s donations have not been limited to museums and education; they have also supported influential Christian organizations and leaders. Contributions to televangelists like Joel Osteen and megachurch pastors have further extended the Green family’s impact on the religious landscape of America.

The Controversial Past: Hobby Lobby Smuggling Scandal

Despite their generous support for Christian causes, the Green family and Hobby Lobby have faced their share of controversy. In 2009, the company was embroiled in a smuggling scandal involving ancient artifacts from the Near East. This incident brought to light the complexities and responsibilities of acquiring historical and religious items, serving as a cautionary tale for collectors and businesses alike.

The Moral Dilemma of Wealth and Succession

David Green’s decision to give away ownership of Hobby Lobby is rooted in a desire to avoid the pitfalls of wealth that can potentially “ruin the future of grandchildren who had not even been born yet.” His net worth, estimated at $14 billion, could have been a source of familial discord and deviation from the values he cherishes. By relinquishing control to a trust, Green ensures that his legacy and the company’s Christian ethos will endure.

The Tragedy at the Distribution Center

The Green family has also faced tragedy within the company. An incident at a Hobby Lobby distribution center saw the loss of life at the hands of an employee. This event was a stark reminder of the vulnerability of even faith-based organizations to societal issues and the importance of workplace safety and mental health.

What Does the Future Hold for Hobby Lobby?

As David Green steps back, and with the ownership of Hobby Lobby now in the hands of a trust, the future of the company is poised for continuity under the same guiding principles that have marked its past. The company’s strategy and operations are expected to continue reflecting the family’s belief system, with Mart Green at the helm, steering the company and its philanthropic efforts.

Continuing the Mission

The establishment of a trust to hold the company’s ownership underscores a commitment to perpetuating Hobby Lobby’s unique blend of business and faith. With this move, the Green family ensures that their evangelical mission and conservative values will remain integral to Hobby Lobby’s identity.


David Green’s decision to give away ownership of Hobby Lobby is a monumental one, not just for the company but for the broader conversation about wealth, philanthropy, and faith. It’s a move that encapsulates the Green family’s devotion to their beliefs and their hope for the future. Hobby Lobby stands as an example of how a business can operate with a heart for service and a commitment to principles, and it will be intriguing to observe how this legacy is carried forward under the stewardship of a trust.

FAQ & Common Questions about Hobby Lobby’s Owner Giving Away Ownership

Q: Is the owner of Hobby Lobby giving the store away?
A: Yes, the founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, David Green, announced that he is giving away ownership of the company.

Q: Why is the owner giving away ownership of Hobby Lobby?
A: David Green stated in a Fox News op-ed that he is choosing God over wealth and wants to ensure the future of his grandchildren.

Q: Did the owner sell Hobby Lobby?
A: No, the owner did not sell Hobby Lobby. He transferred ownership to a trust to secure the company’s future.

Q: How much is the owner of Hobby Lobby worth?
A: According to Forbes, David Green’s personal net worth is $14 billion.

Q: Is Hobby Lobby a Mormon company?
A: No, Hobby Lobby is not a Mormon company. The founder, David Green, is an evangelical Christian, and the company supports various Christian projects and ministries.

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