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What Happens If Your FedEx Package Isn’t Delivered? Unveiling the Mysteries of Missing Shipments:Are you eagerly awaiting a FedEx package, only to find that it hasn’t been delivered yet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this frustrating situation. Whether it’s a missing package, a late delivery, or a misdirected shipment, there are a variety of reasons why your FedEx package might not be in your hands right now. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the FedEx delivery process, what to do when packages go missing, how to handle late deliveries, and even what happens if your package is stolen. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of FedEx deliveries and the solutions to those “where’s my package?” mysteries.

Understanding the FedEx Delivery Process

When anticipating the arrival of a package, it’s crucial to understand the typical delivery process that FedEx follows. FedEx aims to ensure timely and accurate deliveries, but occasionally, packages may not arrive as expected. In such cases, knowing the steps to take can alleviate concerns and help retrieve your package.

Standard FedEx Delivery Attempts

FedEx typically makes up to three delivery attempts before taking further action. If a package cannot be delivered after three attempts, it is usually returned to the sender. This process is designed to balance efficiency with customer convenience.

When FedEx Packages Go Missing

Despite the robust delivery system, sometimes a package may not reach its intended destination. When this happens, FedEx provides a clear protocol for customers to follow.

Steps to Report a Missing Package

  1. Submit a Query: The first course of action is to get in touch with FedEx Customer Support. A case will be opened to investigate the whereabouts of the package.
  2. Use the Tracking or Reference Number: By entering your tracking or reference number on the FedEx website, you can select ‘Manage Delivery’ and then ‘Report Missing Package’ to start the process.
  3. Contact FedEx: If online methods are not preferred, calling FedEx at 1.800.GoFedEx or texting your door tag number to 48773 are alternative ways to track your package.

What If FedEx Lost My Package?

If the tracking status indicates delivery, but the package is nowhere to be found, it may have been lost. In such cases, the tracking page on FedEx’s website provides a step-by-step guide to address this issue. It may involve further investigation by FedEx to locate the package or confirm its loss.

Dealing with Late Deliveries

Occasionally, a package may not arrive within the expected delivery window. FedEx understands the importance of timely deliveries, and when they fail to meet their commitment, customers may be entitled to some form of compensation.

Requesting a Refund or Adjusted Invoice

If FedEx doesn’t deliver your package on time, you may be eligible for a refund or an invoice adjustment. This is typically done by submitting a claim through FedEx’s Money Back Guarantee policy, which outlines the terms and conditions for such requests.

Handling Misdirected Packages

There are instances where a package is sent to the wrong address. When FedEx identifies such a case, they take steps to redirect the package to the correct recipient. This may involve rerouting the package during transit or after an incorrect delivery attempt.

What to Do If You Suspect Misdelivery

If you have reason to believe your package has been misdirected, contacting FedEx Customer Support is the best first step. They can investigate and confirm whether the package was sent to an incorrect address and assist in recovering it.

What Happens If a Package Is Stolen?

Package theft is an unfortunate reality, and determining responsibility can be complex. Generally, the seller is responsible for the package until it is delivered. Once delivery is confirmed by the courier, the package becomes the responsibility of the recipient.

Preventative Measures Against Theft

  • Requesting a signature upon delivery.
  • Using FedEx Delivery Manager to customize delivery options.
  • Choosing a secure delivery location or a FedEx pickup point.

What To Do If You Miss a FedEx Delivery Attempt

If you’re not available to receive your package, FedEx couriers may attempt to call you. This is to check your availability for redelivery or to arrange an alternative delivery option that works for you.

Options After a Missed Delivery

  • Schedule a Redelivery: You can request FedEx to redeliver the package at a time that suits you better.
  • Alternate Pickup Location: Have your package held at a FedEx location for you to pick up at your convenience.
  • Delivery Manager: Use FedEx Delivery Manager to provide special instructions or change the delivery address if needed.


While FedEx endeavors to provide a seamless delivery experience, there are times when issues arise. Whether it’s a missing, late, misdirected, or potentially stolen package, FedEx has systems in place to support customers through these challenges. By following the guidelines provided, customers can navigate these situations with a clearer understanding and take appropriate action to resolve their delivery concerns.

Remember, prompt action is crucial when dealing with delivery issues. The sooner you report a problem, the quicker FedEx can work to resolve it. Keeping a close eye on tracking information and utilizing the tools and services offered by FedEx can greatly enhance the security and reliability of your package deliveries.

FAQ & Common Questions about What Happens If FedEx Package Is Not Delivered?

Q: Who is responsible for stolen FedEx packages?
A: In most cases, the seller is responsible for the deliveries until they are dropped at the customers’ designated place. Once the shipping courier has confirmed delivery, the package becomes the online shopper’s responsibility.

Q: How do I know if FedEx lost my package?
A: If your package’s tracking status says it was delivered but you can’t find it, go to our tracking page and follow the steps provided.

Q: Why does FedEx say out for delivery but not delivered?
A: If your delivery process says “out for delivery” but you don’t receive the package, it is possible that the package was misdirected and is being delivered to the wrong final destination address.

Q: How long does FedEx hold undeliverable packages?
A: FedEx will hold your package for up to 7 days for both FedEx Ground® service and FedEx Express® service before it’s returned to the shipper. To learn where your package is being held, you’ll need to track your package and bring your tracking number, government-issued photo ID, and your door tag number.

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