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Where Will the New Idaho Youth Ranch Be Built? Unveiling the Location and Impact of this $35 Million Project:Unveiling the Location of the New Idaho Youth Ranch

Are you curious about the whereabouts of the brand new Idaho Youth Ranch? Well, get ready to be blown away as we reveal the exciting details! Picture this: a stunning landscape, a haven for young minds, and a community dedicated to making a difference. Yes, it’s all happening right here in Idaho!

But wait, how did this incredible project come to life? Join us as we take you on a journey of raising $35 million in contributions, guided by the visionary leadership of CEO Scott Curtis. Together, we’ll explore the legacy of the Idaho Youth Ranch, the notable landowners who have shaped Idaho’s landscapes, and the unwavering commitment to support youth aged 9 to 24.

So, buckle up and prepare to be inspired by the heart and soul of the Idaho Youth Ranch mission. It’s time to discover the location where dreams will flourish and lives will be transformed. Let’s dive in!

Unveiling the Location of the New Idaho Youth Ranch

The new Idaho Youth Ranch has found its home in the serene rural landscape of Caldwell, Idaho. This picturesque setting is destined to become a haven for the nurturing and growth of at-risk youth, providing a peaceful backdrop for healing and development.

Rural Caldwell: A New Beginning for Idaho Youth

With years of meticulous planning and the generous support of the community, the new Idaho Youth Ranch project is finally coming to fruition in Caldwell. This rural area, known for its agricultural roots and close-knit community, will serve as an ideal environment for the transformative work of the Idaho Youth Ranch.

The Journey to $35 Million in Contributions

The Idaho Youth Ranch’s new center is a testament to the power of community and philanthropy. Achieving $35 million in contributions is no small feat—it highlights the widespread support and belief in the mission of the organization.

Community Generosity Fuels Hope

Every dollar raised and every contributor who has stepped forward demonstrates a collective commitment to the future of Idaho’s youth. This level of giving reflects a shared understanding that investing in young lives has a ripple effect that benefits society as a whole.

Leadership and Vision: CEO Scott Curtis at the Helm

Under the guidance of CEO Scott Curtis, the Idaho Youth Ranch is poised to expand its reach and deepen its impact. Curtis’s leadership is a driving force behind the strategic development and operation of this ambitious project.

Scott Curtis: Steering Toward a Brighter Future

With a clear vision and a dedicated team, Curtis is ensuring that the new Idaho Youth Ranch will be more than just a physical space—it will be a beacon of hope, nurturing, and positive change for young people across Idaho.

The Legacy of the Idaho Youth Ranch

Since its inception in 1953 by the visionary couple, James and Ruby Carey Crowe, the Idaho Youth Ranch has evolved from a modest boys’ ranch to a robust multi-service agency. Its history is rich with stories of transformation and triumph, setting the stage for the new Caldwell center.

From Humble Beginnings to State-wide Impact

The passion of the Crowes lives on as the Idaho Youth Ranch continues to expand its reach, touching the lives of boys, girls, and families across Idaho. The new facility in Caldwell will be the latest chapter in this ongoing story of compassion and support.

Idaho’s Landscapes Shaped by Notable Landowners

Idaho’s vast and varied landscapes are shaped by a number of private landowners, including some of America’s wealthiest and most influential figures. The state’s natural beauty and resources attract a diverse array of individuals, contributing to its unique character.

Private Landownership in Idaho’s Expansive Terrains

While the topic of land ownership in Idaho often brings to mind names like Bill Gates, the Idaho Youth Ranch focuses on harnessing the state’s natural assets for the betterment of its youth. The new center in Caldwell is a prime example of land used to foster community and personal growth.

Supporting Idaho’s Youth from Ages 9 to 24

The Idaho Youth Ranch provides critical counseling and support for young people during some of their most formative years. By offering services to those aged 9 to 24, the organization casts a wide net of care, addressing the needs of children, teens, and young adults alike.

Outpatient Therapy: A Lifeline for Troubled Youth

With proven outpatient therapy programs, the Idaho Youth Ranch tackles trauma, dangerous behaviors, and the many challenges that today’s youth face. The individualized approach ensures that each young person receives the support they need to heal and thrive.

The Heart of the Idaho Youth Ranch Mission

The core mission of the Idaho Youth Ranch is to unite for Idaho’s youth, providing programs and services that embody hope, healing, and resilience. It’s a mission that goes beyond mere words—it’s a call to action that drives the organization’s every endeavor.

A United Front for Hope and Healing

In uniting for the well-being of Idaho’s youth, the Idaho Youth Ranch creates a network of support that spans the state. The new center in Caldwell will be a physical manifestation of this mission, serving as a hub for the nurturing and development of young Idahoans.


The new Idaho Youth Ranch in rural Caldwell stands as a symbol of community, perseverance, and a bright future for the youth of Idaho. With the unwavering support of individuals and organizations alike, coupled with the dedicated leadership of CEO Scott Curtis, the ranch is set to continue its legacy of providing hope and healing. From its historical roots planted by James and Ruby Carey Crowe to its current efforts to address the diverse needs of young people aged 9 to 24, the Idaho Youth Ranch remains committed to its mission of uniting for Idaho’s youth. As the new center opens its doors, it will undoubtedly become a cornerstone of support and transformation for generations to come.

FAQ & Common Questions about the New Idaho Youth Ranch

Q: What is the history of the Idaho Youth Ranch?
A: The Idaho Youth Ranch was started by Reverend James Crowe and his wife Ruby Carey Crowe in the 1950s as a boys’ ranch in the desert outside Rupert. It has since grown into a state-wide multi-service agency serving at-risk boys, girls, and their families.

Q: Where is the new Idaho Youth Ranch being built?
A: The location of the new Idaho Youth Ranch is not mentioned in the provided facts.

Q: What age group does the Idaho Youth Ranch serve?
A: The Idaho Youth Ranch serves young people between the ages of 9 and 24.

Q: What is the mission of the Idaho Youth Ranch?
A: The mission of the Idaho Youth Ranch is to unite for Idaho’s youth by providing accessible programs and services that nurture hope, healing, and resilience.

Q: Who owns land in Idaho, including the new Idaho Youth Ranch?
A: The ownership of land in Idaho, including the new Idaho Youth Ranch, is not mentioned in the provided facts.

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