Who Holds the Keys to Parts Plus Auto Parts? Unveiling the Ownership Behind the Brand

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Who Holds the Keys to Parts Plus Auto Parts? Unveiling the Ownership Behind the Brand:Are you curious to know who owns Parts Plus Auto Parts? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll uncover the ownership of Parts Plus Auto Parts and delve into the fascinating world of the auto parts industry. From consolidation and acquisition trends to the changing face of auto parts retailing, we’ll explore it all. Plus, we’ll compare the market dominance of Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone, two giants in the industry. So, buckle up and get ready for an informative and exciting ride through the realm of auto parts ownership!

The Ownership of Parts Plus Auto Parts

When we look into the world of automotive parts suppliers, one name that often comes up is Parts Plus Auto Parts. Known for its wide range of automotive parts and accessories, Parts Plus has carved out a significant niche in the market. But who owns this auto parts giant? The answer is the renowned Ford Motor Company.

Ford, an American automaker with a global footprint, is not just known for its vehicles but also for its foray into the auto parts industry. Through its ownership of the Motorcraft brand, Ford has extended its expertise in manufacturing to providing high-quality auto parts for a variety of car makes and models, not just their own.

Ford Motor Company’s Motorcraft: A Trusted Name in Auto Parts

Motorcraft stands as a testament to Ford’s commitment to quality and reliability in the auto parts sector. It is a brand wholly owned and operated by Ford Motor Company, designed to cater to both Ford and non-Ford vehicle owners. Motorcraft’s range includes parts such as batteries, brakes, and filters, ensuring that Ford’s stamp of approval is on countless vehicles on the road.

Consolidation and Acquisition Trends in the Auto Parts Industry

The auto parts industry has seen significant consolidation, with many companies looking to expand their footprint and diversify their offerings. This trend is evident in the strategic moves of several key players in the market.

Kohlberg & Company’s Stake in Parts Authority

Kohlberg & Company, a private equity firm, has made a major move by signing a definitive agreement to acquire a majority stake in Parts Authority. This acquisition signifies the private equity firm’s confidence in the growth potential of the auto parts sector and its commitment to investing in the industry.

Auto Plus’s Bankruptcy and Industry Implications

On the flip side, Auto Plus faced financial challenges that led it to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. This development underscores the competitive nature of the industry and the importance of strategic financial management.

Advance Auto Parts’s Acquisition of General Parts International Inc.

Another major player, Advance Auto Parts, completed its acquisition of General Parts International Inc., which not only expanded its reach but also strengthened its position in the market. This move showcases the company’s growth strategy and its focus on maintaining a strong presence in the industry.

O’Reilly Automotive’s Acquisition of CSK

Similarly, O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. acquired all of CSK’s common stock for approximately one billion dollars. With this acquisition, O’Reilly has substantially increased its market share and solidified its status as a powerhouse in the auto parts landscape.

The Changing Face of Auto Parts Retailing

The auto parts industry is not just about acquisitions and market expansion; it’s also about adapting to the evolving needs of consumers and the vehicles they drive.

The Strategic Shift of Pep Boys

Take the case of Pep Boys, for instance. The company made a strategic decision to stop selling auto parts, transitioning away from retail parts operations to focus on expanding its service side. According to Pep Boys spokeswoman Arianna Sherlock, this shift is a response to the increasing complexity of modern cars, including electric vehicles, which are becoming more challenging for owners to repair on their own. This pivot reflects a broader trend in the industry that places emphasis on providing comprehensive services alongside or even instead of parts sales.

Market Dominance: Advance Auto Parts vs. AutoZone

When it comes to market dominance, there’s a constant battle between the big names in the auto parts industry. Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone are two such competitors vying for the top spot. Currently, AutoZone’s brand is ranked #408 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers, boasting a market cap of $43.48B. In contrast, Advance Auto Parts, though not ranked, holds a market cap of $12.18B. These figures highlight AutoZone’s stronger position in the market, reflecting its larger customer base and financial clout.


The landscape of the auto parts industry is one characterized by dynamic ownership, strategic acquisitions, and the necessity to adapt to technological advancements and consumer behavior. Ford Motor Company, through its ownership of Parts Plus Auto Parts and Motorcraft, has maintained a significant role in this evolving market. Meanwhile, other industry players continue to reshape their strategies and consolidate their positions through major acquisitions and business model shifts. As this industry continues to grow and transform, it will be fascinating to see how these companies evolve and who will lead the charge in meeting the needs of tomorrow’s drivers and automotive enthusiasts.

FAQ & Common Questions about Who Owns Parts Plus Auto Parts?

Q: Who currently owns Parts Plus Auto Parts?
A: Parts Plus Auto Parts is owned by Icahn Automotive Group, which is owned by Carl Icahn and his son Brett Icahn.

Q: When did Icahn Automotive Group acquire Parts Plus Auto Parts?
A: Icahn Automotive Group acquired Parts Plus Auto Parts in 2015.

Q: Why did Pep Boys stop selling auto parts?
A: Pep Boys stopped selling auto parts as part of their strategy to focus on expanding their service side. The increasing complexity of today’s cars, including electric vehicles, makes it difficult for owners to repair them on their own.

Q: Who is bigger, Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone?
A: AutoZone is bigger than Advance Auto Parts in terms of market capitalization. AutoZone’s current market cap is $43.48 billion, while Advance Auto Parts’ market cap is $12.18 billion.

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